Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Calendar

I'm pretty late in the month even getting this posted. This has not been a nice month for me, and holiday shopping season is already in full swing where I work. I'm stressed out the wazoo....and I've got a BIG wazoo to be stressed out of.

My original plan for my October calendar involved a skull rubber stamp, and resist techniques. When my resist didn't work, I slathered the whole thing with acrylic paint, stenciled on a few leafless tress and this was the end result:


  1. very dark and spooky, very in keeping with halloween...I think you've hit the spot with this one!

  2. Love the midnight blue look for October! Hope the stress disappears soon for you!

  3. Love the dark blue of October, it makes for a fabulous page. Hope November is less stressy for you:-)