Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Calendar Pages

Well, I did it. I manged not only to create, but to FILL an entire journal calendar. Granted some of the filling is just...well...fillers...but there is something in every square.

(click to biggify)

It even led to the creation of a travel sized journaling kit so that I could do stuff to it at work on my lunch break. Cause, lets face it, as a mom who works a full time job my lunch break at work is the only time I don't have someone tugging on my pant leg.

(There will be a future post on what a travel sized journaling kit consists of in my world)

Despite the pant leg tugging (and a begging cry of "Whee mommy! Whee mommy! Whee mommy!) I did manage to pull out one or two supplies and make a spread for August.

(click to biggify)

I scribbled yellow color pencil over the pages, but it didn't look good to me, so I went over that with yellow watercolor paint (the solid kind they sell for kids). Then I added a peaceful field of red and blue flower stamps, and matching floral letter stamps to spell out my month.

Yoga lady, and the quote under her ("She should've had a V8 instead) and the quote at the top o the page ("I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.") were cut out of a SKIRT magazine.

My theme for August is supposed to be self love/inner peace, with a heavy dose of wishing I was in good enough shape to contort my body into such positions.

And so I leave this new calendar in the hands of all the lovely creative people at The Kathryn Wheel.

New Book Goodness

When surfing amazon for stitchery books, how could I resist one that boasts a butcher pig on the cover as did Twisted Stitches. Or a book of tiny stitches that proclaims Not Lame! and Very Cool! Like Makoto's Cross-Stitch Super Collection.

When I got home from vacation I had these two very fun books waiting on my table for me to open and browse. And I've already picked out the first patterns I'm going to do out of each one of them!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June/July Calendars

I was inspired by a friend in a journaling group to do monthly calendars in my journal.  I made them for a while, but never put anything in them, so I stopped.

For my birthday (June 22) I decided to start journaling on a regular basis again, and start doing the calendars again.  So, of course, I started browsing flickr for other peoples journal calendars.  That is how I found the calendar challenge at The Kathryn Wheel  And while my cut and paste calendars are nothing compared to the BEAUTIFUL created pages that I've looked at, I hope they don't mind me tossing my calendars in the pot too. 

Maybe I'll get better at them as I go along.

Here is my July calendar, I just put in my journal today.

This is my June calendar. I didn't even put it in the book until my birthday, and then I hardly did anything in it....much like before.