Saturday, November 20, 2010

You've Gotta Start Somewhere


I'm really good at that.

I made this blog a couple of days ago, but have put off posting a first entry until now.

I opened an etsy store in 2006 but keep finding reasons not to put something for sale in it. (mostly fear of no one buying anything, or someone buying it but not being happy when they get it)

I have so many things I'm going to make "some day" and so many things I'm going to finish "one day" and I keep telling myself I'll put something on etsy "tomorrow."

I have found that some day, one day, and tomorrow never come.

Well, here is first step #1. I'm actually putting SOMETHING into this blog. By the end of the night I'm determined to also have SOMETHING in my etsy shop as well.

Wish me luck.....